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ViaLogic partners with innovators, entrepreneurs, technologists, and futurists who care deeply about the impacts of what we do. Through this network, we deliver results for current business needs, forecast future trends, and build the best-of-breed problem-solvers, using a twist of applied R&D to transform industries.



The challenge for current leaders is bringing together strategic partners in science for rapid advancement. With our unique blend of academic and professional outreach we are able to transition applied research to today's cutting edge businesses.

With our partners, we bring together academics, federally funded research development centers and the public in order to analyze strategic problems and rapidly deliver capabilities across all sectors including the financial, cyber security, transportation & logistics, and more.  Our collaborations across industry lines has taught us that ideas from one industry can provide guidance and inspiration in another and that science is able to provide tools that leads to success.

We foster relationships with motivated people in a variety of locations and industries. Our collaborations make those connections possible and bring together people and science.



  • Internet of Things threats, risks, and solutions

  • Financial compliancy using advanced anomaly detection

  • Complex system analysis and modernization

  • Transportation and Logistics contract management and execution

  • Modernization and implementation of information security operations


"It was impressive how they brought together academics, designers, and developers to rapidly deliver new capability"

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ViaLogic partners with academics, researchers, technologist, designers, and developers across a multitude of sectors. Please feel free to contact ViaLogic for collaboration opportunities.

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